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The Year of the “Pines”

I was lucky enough this year to travel to two of my favorite towns. Pinedale, Wyoming

One of the rivers west of town heading away from the Wind River Mountains

and part of the Great Divide Trail heading toward Pinedale.  I came across 2 separate groups of people riding the Great Divide that day.


Then, a few days before Interbike, I took some time to cross Death Valley

Then to Lone Pine.  Great town.   Found a wonderful motel, had a great meal and slept with the windows open.   Nice change after a day in Death Valley.




The next morning I headed to the Alabama Hills outside of town.

This is the site where many, many westerns were filmed.    Growing up in the 50’s  I had a huge smile all day.    Following the road out of town


I headed upward and westward toward Mt. Whitney.


I had met some hikers that morning who were going to climb Mt. Whitney and suggested I hike part of the trail.  Started at nearly 8,000 feet.   Met a number of people who had camped at the top the night before and they were working themselves to the bottom.     I even met a customer and his wife who were getting acclimated to the height for an assault on the following Tuesday.


But all goods things must come to an end (if only I had studied in High School!!!!)   Time to head back to Las Vegas.



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