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The way it was and “maybe” the way it should be.

I am tired of Team Cars, Radios, Mechanics changing racers tires, etc.   Love to see a race where the riders had to fend for themselves.  Maybe throw in some gravel.



Eleanor Moseman Traveling in Asia by bicycle


Carbon strives for comfort of Steel.


Here we go again.  I really believe Carbon Fiber is a wonderful material to build bikes with.   If I was 20 years old and racing then CF makes some sense.   But if you are a MAMIL  (Middle Aged Man In Lycra) and want to go for a quick but relaxed ride then steel or Titanium makes more sense.

If you tend to keep your bikes for years and consider durability a key feature then steel and ti take the lead again

Carbon bicycles, as nice as they are, are just like the new cars  –   They all look the same – carved out of a wind tunnel with a team of Engineeers hovering computers.    Guess I am just old.

21st Avenue Bicycle

My new favorite paint scheme.

Ti or Steel? Oh Seven, you aren't making this easy

Custom Steel Bike Frames

Cycling Silk in Turkey

I rode my motorcycle across the U.S. in raid (5 out of 6 days) and I still have no idea how hard this ride must be for these ladies.