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The way it was and “maybe” the way it should be.

I am tired of Team Cars, Radios, Mechanics changing racers tires, etc.   Love to see a race where the riders had to fend for themselves.  Maybe throw in some gravel.



Carbon strives for comfort of Steel.


Here we go again.  I really believe Carbon Fiber is a wonderful material to build bikes with.   If I was 20 years old and racing then CF makes some sense.   But if you are a MAMIL  (Middle Aged Man In Lycra) and want to go for a quick but relaxed ride then steel or Titanium makes more sense.

If you tend to keep your bikes for years and consider durability a key feature then steel and ti take the lead again

Carbon bicycles, as nice as they are, are just like the new cars  –   They all look the same – carved out of a wind tunnel with a team of Engineeers hovering computers.    Guess I am just old.

21st Avenue Bicycle

My new favorite paint scheme.

Ti or Steel? Oh Seven, you aren't making this easy

Custom Steel Bike Frames

Cycling Silk in Turkey

I rode my motorcycle across the U.S. in raid (5 out of 6 days) and I still have no idea how hard this ride must be for these ladies.